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About Christopher McAllister

Known for his service, Christopher McAllister has been leading clients through the process of buying and selling residential and commercial properties for more than 15 years. For him, putting clients first is the most effective way to make sure they get the most when they sell their home and the best possible price when they find their dream home. It’s not just about finding a home that checks off the things a client has on their list, it’s about finding the ideal investment, the perfect bedroom for the children to grow up in, or the best kitchen to expand a home-grown business. Christopher brings the experience of having weathered the ups and the downs of the Chicagoland real estate market, starting in 2002 under the gracious mentorship of a well-respected agent in Chicago. He learned the skills to provide the kind of service clients need and want, and he learned how to keep real estate fun, keeping clients in the loop without overwhelming them. A people person to his core, Christopher’s down-to-earth attitude matches his honest nature. The advice he gives to buyers and sellers is always the same that he would give his own family. Christopher’s thoughtfulness and industry knowledge have helped him build a business on personal referrals and the loyalty of clients that come back to him for the guidance they need. Beyond residential real estate, Christopher thrives when he’s able to help commercial businesses grow and expand to new locations. His passion for negotiation doesn’t hurt either! If you’re buying or selling residential or commercial, Christopher offers the service and the kind of real estate experience that aren’t easy to find. He can be reached by phone, text, or email anytime at 312.593.6996,